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graeme blann image.jpg

Adapted portrait from exhibition 90 x 1.2 m Acrylic

Heading 1

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Ma and Pa Beech.jpg

Portrait taken from video still 45cm sq Acrylic

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Mrs Beech.jpg
Mrs Beech in car.jpg

Portrait taken from old photograph merged with photograph of subject 50 x 75cm Ink

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Portrait Commission in style of Vermeer 35 x 45cm Acrylic


Painting commission to incorporate the surrounding  farm land  1m x 1.8m Acrylic

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IMG_3386 (2).JPG

The One, 1 Prospect Street , Brisbane. Visuals for open plan area in upper floor with added balcony for the owner to lease Acrylic 40 x 60cm

IMG_3388 (2).JPG

Visual idea for The One / Brisbane-Hynes Street-proposed bar

IMG_3393 (2).JPG

Visual idea for lower floor, The One / Eateries

IMG_3390 (2).JPG

Visual idea for The One / Brisbane  Eatery / Bakery

IMG_3406 (2).JPG

Commission for Baskin Robbins - Visual for new Ice Cream/ Cafe Bar

IMG_3394 (2).JPG

Visual idea for The One / Brisbane  Florist

IMG_3402 (2).JPG

Commission for Baskin Robbins Visual for Interior Cafe/Ice Cream Bar

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IMG_3342 (2).JPG
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Costume designs for production of Edward II / London