Been working on this show for just over a year now after winning the Landscape Prize at Artworld Studio Gallery in October 2017.

I knew I wanted to base it on landscapes but had been feeling a change of direction for quite some time and decided now was the time. I had been to Scotland in their Summer this year and travelled to Giraween in NSW with students and had collected a fair amount of research.

A commission for 2 Farmers in Beerburrum Qld had started from scratch when a student pulled out and I took on the job. It was to be abstract, nothing literal , portraying the farm and its surroundings, history and time spent there including parties and bonfires.

This was a large undertaking as it was on a large canvas working in an area I wasn't used to.

I bought a huge roll of cartridge and set about producing rough ideas spontaneously on to the paper using old atm cards and just card instead of pen/brush as I normally do. It was so productive and enthralling I ended up doing 57 of these; 57 Varieties. I could have done more but decided against it as I was giving the boys too much to take in .

From these works I asked them to pick 3 favourites each then I deliberated on coming up with a new design to incorporate all aspects of the farm. The large 1.2m x 2m canvas arrived and after visiting the farm again to finalize finished work I started.

Never before had I enjoyed a work so much as it was new, a new direction to take and after mapping it out I got large scrapers and started transferring paint to canvas.

Lots of underpainting and overpainting ensued. I worked on it over 2 months inbetween other work. I really appreciated my neighbour Neil who would come in and crit it for me as I'd been looking at it for too long , a fresh eye is always good from an outsider. Finally finished it and the boys loved it.

The point of this story being when I returned to painting for my show it was like an alternative persona took over on the paintings and the results were on a different level to anything I'd done before.

Working on abstract /expressionist landscape and form, the new direction fitted well.

The results can be seen on my Point Of Entry Gallery.

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